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Volume 27    Number 2    June 1998
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 Proceedings of ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data

June 2-4, 1998, Seattle, Washington, USA

Edited by Laura Haas and Ashutosh Tiwary
SIGMOD Record, Volume 27, Issue 2, June 1998

Table of Contents


Conference Organizing Committee

Program Committee

External Referees

Research Sessions

Panel Sessions

Tutorial Sessions

Industrial Sessions


Best Paper Awards: Award1, Award2




The 1998 ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data was held June 2-4, 1998, in Seattle, Washington. The SIGMOD Conference, sponsored by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and its Special Interest Group on the Management of Data (SIGMOD), is an annual, international forum for the presentation, discussion and dissemination of new results on database technology and application, and for the demonstration of database prototypes. These proceedings contain the technical papers accepted for presentation at the conference, as well as summaries of the panels, tutorials, industrial papers and demonstrations presented.

Once again, acceptance for submitted papers was extremely competitive, with 42 research papers accepted out of 246 submissions. The submissions covered a broad range of topics, from fundamental database algorithms to database applications and utilities. The largest numbers of submissions were in the general area of getting more information out of data, including data mining (39 papers) and warehousing (22 papers). These comprised 25% of the submissions, without counting the 12 related papers on high dimensional indexing and similarity search. The next largest pools of papers were on query processing, including optimization and statistics (38), and various aspects of transaction management (22). Other popular topics this year included integration of heterogeneous databases (17 papers), querying the World-Wide Web (16), and various access methods (14). Interest in object-oriented, spatial, multimedia and semi-structured databases remained high as well. The accepted papers represent each of these areas, and more.

In addition to the submitted papers, the conference included a panoply of keynotes, industrial talks, tutorials, panels, and demonstrations. Microsoft's Bill Gates gave the opening address, and Prof. David Patterson of UC Berkeley kicked off the second day. Industrial sessions covered web site management, document systems, data access, push technologies, databases in practice and database systems management. Four tutorials, two panels, and twenty software prototype demonstrations rounded out the program.

A lot of work went into forming this program and producing these proceedings. The program committee, with help from the external referees, reviewed the submissions on a tight schedule. We are particularly indebted to Praveen Seshadri and his student, Brent Young, who built us a program committee management application with easy to use web interfaces on top of Praveen's Predator system, and administered and maintained it throughout the paper selection process. This system greatly eased the entry and tracking of abstracts, reviewer preferences and reviews. Mike Carey provided additional software to help with these tasks, and to create the reports for the PC meeting. Debbie Sandman provided secretarial support for the Program Committee. Umeshwar Dayal, Christos Faloutsos, and H.V. Jagadish took on the difficult task of choosing a best paper from the excellent accepted program.

Jose Blakeley, Alex Buchmann, and Roger King worked extremely hard to put together this year's rich industrial program, with help from the Industrial Advisory Committee. Lois Delcambre recruited and organized the Demonstrations Committee to handle an unexpected flood of submissions; the committee had to make many difficult choices, and many exciting proposals could not be accepted. Ali Bahrami dealt with exhibitors and much of the demonstrations' logistics. Markus Tresch did an excellent job of soliciting and selecting tutorials, and Michael Brodie enthusiastically took on the task of arranging an exciting panel program. Prabhu Ram coordinated the Call for Papers and both the advance and final programs, and kept the Web site current and the mailing lists informed. Mike Crandall, Local Arrangements Chair, Lyman Do, Registration Chair, and Christoph Bussler, Treasurer, worked tirelessly to the benefit of both SIGMOD and PODS, ensuring a smoothly operating conference.

Finally, we would like to thank all the authors who submitted papers and proposals. They provided the material that made it possible to assemble such a distinguished technical program.

Laura Haas





Pamela Drew




Ashutosh Tiwary

Program Chair





General Chair




Proceedings Editor

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GENERAL CHAIR: Pamela Drew, The Boeing Company

PROGRAM CHAIR: Laura Haas, IBM Almaden

DEMONSTRATIONS CHAIR: Lois Delcambre, Oregon Graduate Institute

EXHIBITS CHAIR: Ali Bahrami, The Boeing Company


 Jose Blakeley, Microsoft,

 Alejandro Buchmann, T.H. Darmstadt,

 Roger King, University of Colorado

LOCAL ARRANGEMENTS CHAIR: Mike Crandall, The Boeing Company

PANELS CHAIR: Michael Brodie, GTE

PROCEEDINGS CHAIR: Ashutosh Tiwary, The Boeing Company and Univ. of Washington

PUBLICITY CHAIR: Prabhu Ram, The Boeing Company

REGISTRATION CHAIR: Lyman Do, Oregon Graduate Institute

TUTORIALS CHAIR: Markus Tresch, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)

TREASURER: Christoph Bussler, The Boeing Company


Henrique Paques, Paul Benninghoff, Dan Revel, Songtao Xia, Oregeon Graduate Institute


 C. Mohan, Berthold Reinwald, IBM Almaden

 James Hamilton, Mark Franks, Microsoft

 Umeshwar Dayal, HP Labs


 Umeshwar Dayal, HP Labs

 Christos Faloutsos, University of Maryland and CMU

 H.V. Jagdish, AT&T Research

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Rafael Alonso, Sarnoff Labs

Miron Livny, University of Wisconsin

Catriel Beeri, Hebrew University

David Lomet, Microsoft Research

Azer Bestavros, Boston University

Frank Manola, Object Services and Consulting

Paul Brown, Informix

Meral Ozsoyoglu, Case Western Reserve University

Surajit Chaudhuri, Microsoft Research

Kotagiri Ramamohanarao, University of Melbourne

Chin-Wan Chung, KAIST

Rajeev Rastogi, Bell Labs (Lucent)

Umeshwar Dayal, HP Labs

Elke Rundensteiner, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Klaus Dittrich, University of Zurich

Marek Rusinkiewicz, MCC

Asuman Dogac, Middle Eastern Technical University

Giuseppe Santucci, University di Roma 1

Amr El Abbadi, University of California Santa Barbara

Sunita Sarawagi, IBM

Shel Finkelstein, Sun Microsystems

Donovan Schneider, Red Brick

Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, University of Southern California

Praveen Seshadri, Cornell University

Paul W. P. J. Grefen, University of Twente

S. Seshadri, IIT Bombay

Theo Haerder, University of Kaiserslautern

Amit Sheth, University of Georgia

Ralf Hartmut Gueting, Fernuniversitaet Hagen

Keishi Tajima, Kobe University

Eric Hanson, University of Florida

Anthony Tomasic, INRIA

Joseph Hellerstein, University of California Berkeley

Patrick Valduriez, INRIA

Donald Kossmann, University of Passau

Dirk van Gucht, University of Indiana

Yannis Ioannidis, University of Athens & University of Wisconsin

Jennifer Widom, Stanford University

Alon Levy, University of Washington

Yelena Yesha, CESDIS and University of Maryland, Baltimore

Bruce Lindsay, IBM


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Jaber Al-Marri

Peter Apers

Budak Arpinar

Sena Arpinar

Hurkan Balkir

Herman Balsters

Roberto Bayardo

Andreas Behm

Luc Bouganim

Tolga Bozkaya

Sergey Brin

Malu Castellanos

Tiziana Catarci

Sudarshan S. Chawathe

Li Chen

Andrzej Cichocki

Jens Claussen

Kajal Claypool

Sophie Cluet

Latha Colby

Yingwei Cui

John Dinsmore

Ron Dolin

R. Domenig

Ilker Durusoy

Martin Erwig

Susan Even

Francoise Fabret

Usama Fayyad

Dana Florescu

Burkhard Freitag

Hans Fritschi

Steven Geffner

Andreas Geppert

Esin Gokkoca

Roy Goldman

Goetz Graefe

Thomas Grotehen

Dimitrios Gunopulos

Himanshu Gupta

Peter Haas

Yanbo Han

Mike Hatzopoulos

Sumi Helal

Andreas Henrich

Howard Ho

Joanne Holliday

H.V. Jagadish

Dirk Jonscher

Pinar Karagoz

Sudhir Kaushik

Alfons Kemper

Andreas Koeller

Pinar Koksal

Ravikanth V. Kothuri

Markus Kradolfer

Tomasz Ksiezyk

Wilburt Labio

Paul Larson

Ju-Hong Lee

Yong-Ju Lee

Henrik Loeser

Zongwei Luo

Jason McHugh

Thomas Meyer

Tova Milo

Michael Minock

Rajeev Motwani

Hubert Naacke

Daniele Nardi

Anisoara Nica

Udo Nink

Susumu Nishimura

Atsushi Ohori

Frank Olken

Gultekin Ozsoyoglu

Bernd-Uwe Pagel

Ho-Hyun Park

Brad Perry

Vishy Poosala

Sunil Prabhakar

Paul Purdom

Dallan Quass

Sridhar Ramaswamy

Norbert Ritter

Ed Robertson

Norbert Rump

Christian S. Jensen

Silvio Salza

Martin Schoenhoff

Hans Schuster

Timos Sellis

Kshitij Shah

Kyuseok Shim

Eric Simon

Marcin Skubizewski

R. Srikant

Ioana Stanoi

Hans-Peter Steiert

S. Sudarshan

Nesime Tatbul

Malcolm Taylor

Hakki Toroslu

Ozgur Ulusoy

Luc Vandeurzen

Vasilis Vassalos

A. Vavouras

Janet Wiener

Annita Wilschut

Limsoon Wong

Daniel Wu

Yi-Leh Wu

Jim Wyllie

Jun Yang

Adnan Yazici

Juergen Zimmermann

Roger Zimmermann

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Session: Association Rules

Chair: Rajeev Rastogi, Bell Labs (Lucent)

Query Flocks: A Generalization of Association-Rule Mining

Dick Tsur, Jeffrey D. Ullman, Serge Abiteboul, Chris Clifton, Rajeev Motwani,

Svetlozar Nestorov, Arnon Rosenthal ...... Abstract, Paper

Exploratory Mining and Pruning Optimizations of Constrained Associations Rules

Raymond T. Ng, Laks V.S. Lakshmanan, Jiawei Han, Alex Pang...... Abstract, Paper

Parallel Mining Algorithms for Generalized Association Rules with Classification Hierarchy

Takahiko Shintani, Masaru Kitsuregawa...... Abstract, Paper

Session: Query Processing 1

Chair: Ralf Hartmut Gueting, Fernuniversitaet Hagen

Reusing Invariants: A New Strategy for Correlated Queries

Jun Rao, Kenneth A. Ross..........Abstract, Paper

Query Unnesting in Object-Oriented Databases

Leonidas Fegaras.......Abstract, Paper

Changing the Rules: Transformations for Rule-Based Optimizers

Mitch Cherniack, Stan Zdonik..........Abstract, Paper

Session: Mining

Chair: Sunita Sarawagi, IBM Almaden

CURE: An Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Large Databases

Sudipto Guha, Rajeev Rastogi, Kyuseok Shim.......Abstract, Paper

Efficiently Mining Long Patterns from Databases

Roberto J. Bayardo Jr........ Abstract, Paper

Automatic Subspace Clustering of High Dimensional Data for Data Mining Applications

Rakesh Agrawal, Johannes Gehrke, Dimitrios Gunopulos, Prabhakar Raghavan...Abstract, Paper

Session: Query Processing 2

Chair: Praveen Seshadri, Cornell Univ.

Efficient Mid-Query Re-Optimization of Sub-Optimal Query Execution Plans

Navin Kabra, David J. DeWitt......Abstract, Paper

Interaction of Query Evaluation and Buffer Management for Information Retrieval

Bjorn T. Jonsson, Michael J. Franklin, Divesh Srivastava......Abstract, Paper

Cost Based Query Scrambling for Initial Delays

Tolga Urhan, Michael J. Franklin, Laurent Amsaleg......Abstract, Paper

Session: Similarity Search

Chair: David Lomet, Microsoft Research

The Pyramid-Technique: Towards Breaking the Curse of Dimensionality

Stefan Berchtold, Christian Bohm, Hans-Peter Kriegel......Abstract, Paper

Optimal Multi-Step k-Nearest Neighbor Search

Thomas Seidl, Hans-Peter Kriegel.........Abstract, Paper

Dimensionality Reduction for Similarity Searching in Dynamic Databases

K.V. Ravi Kanth, Divyakant Agrawal, Ambuj Singh......Abstract, Paper

Session: Integrating Heterogeneous Data Sources

Chair: Elke Rundensteiner, Worcester Polytechnic

Your Mediators Need Data Conversion!

Sophie Cluet, Claude Delobel, Jerome Simeon, Katarzyna Smaga......Abstract, Paper

Using Schematically Heterogeneous Structures

Renee J. Miller......Abstract, Paper

Integration of Heterogeneous Databases Without Common Domains Using Queries Based on Textual Similarity

William W. Cohen.......Abstract, Paper

Session: Spatial and Similarity Query Processing

Chair: Chin-Wan Chung, KAIST

The DEDALE System for Complex Spatial Queries

Stephane Grumbach, Philippe Rigaux, Luc Segoufin......Abstract, Paper

Similarity Query Processing Using Disk Arrays

Apostolos N. Papadopoulos, Yannis Manolopoulos......Abstract, Paper

Incremental Distance Join Algorithms for Spatial Databases

Gisli R. Hjaltason, Hanan Samet.........Abstract, Paper

Session: OLAP

Chair: Eric Hanson, Univ. of Florida

An Alternative Storage Organization for ROLAP Aggregate Views Based on Cubetrees

Yannis Kotidis, Nick Roussopoulos.......Abstract, Paper

Caching Multidimensional Queries Using Chunks

Prasad M. Deshpande, Karthikeyan Ramasamy, Amit Shukla, Jeffrey F. Naughton......Abstract, Paper

Simultaneous Optimization and Evaluation of Multiple Dimensional Queries

Yihong Zhao, Prasad M. Deshpande, Jeffrey F. Naughton, Amit Shukla......Abstract, Paper

Session: Semi-Structured Data

Chair: Alon Levy, Univ. of Washington

NoDoSE: A Tool for Semi-Automatically Extracting Structured and Semi-Structured Data from Text Documents

Brad Adelberg......Abstract, Paper

Extracting Schema from Semistructured Data

Svetlozar Nestorov, Serge Abiteboul, Rajeev Motwani.........Abstract, Paper

Enhanced Hypertext Categorization Using Hyperlinks

Soumen Chakrabarti, Byron Dom, Piotr Indyk......Abstract, Paper

Session: Techniques for Decision Support

Chair: Surajit Chaudhuri, Microsoft Research

Cost-Based Optimization of Decision Support Queries Using Transient Views

Subbu N. Subramanian, Shivakumar Venkataraman.........Abstract, Paper

New Sampling-Based Summary Statistics for Improving Approximate Query Answers

Phillip B. Gibbons, Yossi Matias.........Abstract, Paper

Integrating Association Rule Mining with Relational Database Systems: Alternatives and Implications

Sunita Sarawagi, Shiby Thomas, Rakesh Agrawal.........Abstract, Paper

Session: Index Design

Chair: Donovan Schneider, Red Brick

Bitmap Index Design and Evaluation

Chee-Yong Chan, Yannis E. Ioannidis.........Abstract, Paper

AutoAdmin `What-if' Index Analysis Utility

Surajit Chaudhuri, Vivek Narasayya.........Abstract, Paper

Session: Functions

Chair: Joseph Hellerstein, Univ. of California, Berkeley

On Parallel Processing of Aggregate and Scalar Functions in Object-Relational DBMS

Michael Jaedicke, Bernhard Mitschang.........Abstract, Paper

Secure and Portable Database Extensibility

Michael Godfrey, Tobias Mayr, Praveen Seshadri, Thorsten von Eicken......Abstract, Paper

Session: Algebras for New Needs

Chair: Meral Ozsoyoglu, Case Western Reserve Univ.

A Multi-Similarity Algebra

Sibel Adali, Pietro Bonatti, Maria Luisa Sapino, V. S. Subrahmanian.........Abstract, Paper

Catching the Boat with Strudel: Experiences with a Web-Site Management System

Mary Fernandez, Daniela Florescu, Jaewoo Kang, Alon Levy, Dan Suciu.....Abstract, Paper

Session: DB Statistics

Chair: Yannis Ioannidis, Univ. of Wisconsin and Univ. of Athens

Approximate Medians and other Quantiles in One Pass and with Limited Memory

Gurmeet Singh Manku, Sridhar Rajagopalan, Bruce G. Lindsay.........Abstract, Paper

Random Sampling for Histogram Construction: How much is enough?

Surajit Chaudhuri, Rajeev Motwani, Vivek Narasayya.........Abstract, Paper

Wavelet-Based Histograms for Selectivity Estimation

Yossi Matias, Jeffrey Scott Vitter, Min Wang.........Abstract, Paper

Session: Database Algorithms

Chair: Theo Haerder, Univ. of Kaiserslautern

Efficient Transparent Application Recovery in Client-Server Information Systems

David Lomet, Gerhard Weikum.........Abstract, Paper

Memory Management during Run Generation in External Sorting

Per-Ake Larson, Goetz Graefe.........Abstract, Paper

Replication, Consistency, and Practicality: Are These Mutually Exclusive?

Todd Anderson, Yuri Breitbart, Henry F. Korth, Avishai Wool.........Abstract, Paper


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Are We Working on the Right Problems?

Chair: Michael Stonebraker, Informix.........Abstract, Paper

Next Generation Database Systems Won't Work Without Semantics!

Chair: John Mylopoulos, Univ. of Toronto......Abstract, Paper


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Electronic Commerce

Nabil R. Adam, Yelena Yesha.........Abstract, Paper, Slides

SAP R/3: A Database Application System

Alfons Kemper, Donald Kossmann, Florian Matthes.........Abstract, Paper, Slides1, Slides2, Slides3

JAVA and Relational Databases: SQLJ

Gray Clossman, Phil Shaw, Mark Hapner, Johannes Klein, Richard Pledereder, Brian Becker...Abstract, Paper, Slides

High-Dimensional Index Structures, Database Support for Next Decade's Applications

Stefan Berchtold, Daniel A. Keim......Abstract, Paper, Slides


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Session: The Next Generation of Data Access

Chair: Anil Nori, Oracle

Microsoft Universal Data Access Platform

Jose A. Blakeley, Michael J. Pizzo, Microsoft........Abstract, Paper

Enterprise Java(TM) Platform Data Access

Seth White, Rick Cattell, Shel Finkelstein, Sun Microsystems.........Abstract, Paper

SQL Open Heterogeneous Data Access

Berthold Reinwald, Hamid Pirahesh, IBM Almaden.........Abstract, Paper

Session: Database Systems Management

Chair: Alejandro Buchmann, T.H. Darmstadt

Managing Large Systems with DB2 UDB

Chris Eaton, IBM.........Abstract, Paper

Database Systems Management and Oracle8

C. Gregory Doherty, Oracle......Abstract, Paper

Ubiquitous, Self-tuning, Scalable Servers

Peter Spiro, Microsoft.........Abstract, Paper

Session: Information Dissemination

Chair: Umeshwar Dayal, HP Laboratories

"Data in Your Face": Push Technology in Perspective

Michael Franklin, Univ. of Maryland and Stan Zdonik, Brown Univ.........Abstract, Paper

The PointCast Network

Satish Ramakrishnan, Vibha Dayal, PointCast.........Abstract, Paper

Transactional Publish/Subscribe: The Proactive Multicast of Database Changes

Arvola Chan. Tibco Software..........Abstract, Paper

Session: Databases in Practice

Chair: Roger King, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

A Data Mining Application: Customer Retention at the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA)

KianSing Ng, Huan Liu, Nat'l Univ. of Singapore, HweeBong Kwah, PSA......Abstract, Paper

Oracle Rdb's Record Caching Model

Richard Anderson, Gopalan Arun, Richard Frank, Oracle.........Abstract, Paper

50,000 Users on an Oracle8 Universal Server Database

Tirthankar Lahiri, Ashok Joshi, Amit Jasuja, Sumanta Chatterjee, Oracle.........Abstract, Paper

Session: Document Systems

Chair: Roger King, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

About Quark Digital Media System

Kamar Aulakh, Quark.......Abstract, Paper

FileNet Integrated Document Management: Database Usage and Issues

Daniel S. Whelan, FileNet.........Abstract, Paper

Session: Web Applications

Chair: Jose Blakeley, Microsoft

Developing a High Traffic, Read-Only Web Site

John Nauman, Ray Suorsa, Infoseek.........Abstract, Paper

Real Business Processing Meets the Web

James Chong, Charles Schwab.........Abstract, Paper

Session: Web Site Management and Applications

Chair: James Hamilton, Microsoft

Olympic Records for Data at the 1998 Nagano Games

Edwin R. Lassettre, IBM.........Abstract, Paper

Delivering High Availability for Inktomi Search Engines

Eric A. Brewer, Inktomi.........Abstract, Paper A High-Scale Data Management and Transaction Processing Solution

Sherri Kennamer, Microsoft.........Abstract, Paper


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Free Parallel Data Mining

Bin Li, Dennis Shasha.........Abstract, Paper

The ARANEUS Web-Base Management System

Giansalvatore Mecca, Paolo Atzeni, Alessandro Masci, Paolo Merialdo, Giuseppe Sindoni.....Abstract, Paper

CQ: A Personalized Update Monitoring Toolkit

Ling Liu, Calton Pu, Wei Tang, David Buttler, John Biggs, Tong Zhou, Paul Benninghoff,

Wei Han, Fenghua Yu.........Abstract, Paper


Chris Olston, Allison Woodruff, Alexander Aiken, Michael Chu, Vuk Ercegovac, Mark Lin,

Mybrid Spalding, Michael Stonebraker.........Abstract, Paper

Microsoft Index Tuning Wizard for SQL Server 7.0

Surajit Chaudhuri, Vivek Narasayya.........Abstract, Paper

FlowBack: Providing Backward Recovery for Workflow Management Systems

Bartek Kiepuszewski, Ralf Muhlberger, Maria E. Orlowska.........Abstract, Paper

Providing Database-like Access to the Web Using Queries Based on Textual Similarity

William Cohen.........Abstract, Paper

ARIADNE: A System for Constructing Mediators for Internet Sources

Jose-Luis Ambite, Naveen Ashish, Greg Barish, Craig A. Knoblock, Steven Minton,

Pragnesh J. Modi, Ion Muslea, Andrew Philpot, Sheila Tejada.........Abstract, Paper

Capability Based Mediation in TSIMMIS

Chen Li, Ramana Yerneni, Vasilis Vassalos, Hector Garcia-Molina,

Yannis Papakonstantinou, Jeffrey Ullman, Murty Valiveti.........Abstract, Paper

CONTROL: Continuous Output and Navigation Technology with Refinement On-Line

Ron Avnur, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Bruce Lo, Chris Olston, Bhaskaran Raman,

Vijayshankar Raman, Tali Roth, Kirk Wylie............Abstract, Paper

amdb: An Access Method Debugging Tool

Marcel Kornacker, Mehul Shah, Joseph M. Hellerstein.........Abstract, Paper

User-oriented smart-cache for the Web: What You Seek is What You Get!

Zoe Lacroix, Arnaud Sahuguet, Raman Chandrasekar.........Abstract, Paper

The Multidimensional Database System RasDaMan

Peter Baumann, Andreas Dehmel, Paula Furtado, Roland Ritsch, Norbert Widmann......Abstract, Paper

Xmas: An Extensible Main-Memory Storage System for High-Performance Applications

Jang Ho Park, Yong Sik Kwon, Ki Hong Kim, Sang Ho Lee,

Byoung Dae Park, Sang Kyun Cha.........Abstract, Paper

MultiMediaMiner: A System Prototype for MultiMedia Data Mining

Osmar R. Zaiane, Jiawei Han, Ze-Nian Li, Sonny H. Chee, Jenny Y. Chiang.........Abstract, Paper

SuperSQL: An Extended SQL for Database Publishing and Presentation

Motomichi Toyama............Abstract, Paper

The IDEA Web Lab

Stefano Ceri, Piero Fraternali, Stefano Paraboschi............Abstract, Paper

DTL's DataSpot: Database Exploration as Easy as Browsing the Web

Shaul Dar, Gadi Entin, Shai Geva, Eran Palmon.........Abstract, Paper

A Protein Patent Query System Powered By Kleisli

Jing Chen, Limsoon Wong, Louxin Zhang.........Abstract, Paper

If you have any questions or comments about the SIGMOD'98 Electronic Proceedings, please send mail to Ashutosh Tiwary.

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