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Volume 33    Number 1    March 2004
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Special Section on Sensor Network Technology and Sensor Data Management (Part II)
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SIGMOD Officers, Committees and Awards (also in: PDF)

Editor's Notes (in: PDF)

Chair's Message Available in: PDF

Special Issues in ACM TODS Available in: PDF

Special Section on Sensor Network Technology and Sensor Data Management (Part II)

A Secure Hierarchical Model for Sensor Network
Malik Tubaishat, Jian Yin, Biswajit Panja, and Sanjay Madria
Available in: PDF

Robust Key Establishment in Sensor Networks
Yongge Wang
Available in: PDF

Team Communications among Autonomous Sensor Swarms
Mario Gerla and Yunjung Yi
Available in: PDF

QUASAR: Quality Aware Sensing Architecture
Iosif Lazaridis, Qi Han, Xingbo Yu, Sharad Mehrotra, Nalini Venkatasubramanian, Dmitri Kalashnikov, and Weiwen Yang
Available in: PDF

Statistical Grid-based Clustering over Data Streams
Nam Hun Park and Won Suk Lee
Available in: PDF

Replica Allocation for Correlated Data Items in Ad Hoc Sensor Networks
Takahiro Hara, Norishige Murakami, Shojiro Nishio
Available in: PDF

An Initial Study of Overheads of Eddies
Amol Deshpande
Available in: PDF


State-of-the-art in Privacy Preserving Data Mining
Vassilios S. Verykios, Elisa Bertino, Igor Nai Fovino, Loredana Parasiliti Provenza, Yucel Saygin, Yannis Theodoridis
Available in: PDF

Evaluating Lockbased Protocols for Cooperation on XML Documents
Sven Helmer, Carl-Christian Kanne, Guido Moerkotte
Available in: PDF

Land Below a DBMS
Kaladhar Voruganti, Jai Menon, Sandeep Gopisetty
Available in: PDF

A Context-Aware Methodology for Very Small Data Base Design
C. Bolchini, F. A. Schreiber and L. Tanca
Available in: PDF

Entity-Relationship Modeling Revisited
Antonio Badia
Available in: PDF

Reconsidering Multi-Dimensional Schemas
Tim Martyn
Available in: PDF

Simulation Data as Data Streams
Ghaleb Abdulla, Terence Critchlow, William Arrighi
Available in: PDF

Toward an ontology-enhanced information filtering agent
Kwang Mong Sim
Available in: PDF

Database Principles

XPath Query Containment
Thomas Schwentick
Available in: PDF

Distinguished Database Profiles

Interview with Peter Chen
Marianne Winslett
Available in: PDF


SQL:2003 Has Been Published
Andrew Eisenberg, Krishna Kulkarni, Jim Melton, Jan-Eike Michels, Fred Zemke
Available in: PDF


Report on the Dagstuhl Seminar "Data Quality on the Web"
Michael Gertz, M. Tamer Ozsu, Gunter Saake, Kai-Uwe Sattler
Available in: PDF

Science of Design for Information Systems - Report of the NSF Workshop, Seattle, 2003
P. Bernstein (Microsoft), A. Borgida (Rutgers), M. Carey (BEA), S. Chaudhuri (Microsoft), P. Chrysanthis (U. Pittsburgh), C. Clifton (Purdue), U. Dayal (HP), D. Florescu (BEA), M. Franklin (UC-Berkeley), L. Gasser (UIUC), J. Gehrke (Cornell), S. Ghandeharizadeh (USC), A. Halevy (U. Washington), H.V. Jagadish (U. Michigan), H. Korth (Lehigh), R. Ramakrishnan (U. Wisconsin), A. Rosenthal (Mitre), S. Sripada (Boeing), J. Srivastava (U. Minnesota), J. Su (UCSB), D. Suciu (U. Washington), S. Thatte (Microsoft), B. Thuraisingham (NSF), V. Tsotras (UCR), J. Widom (Stanford), M. Winslett (UIUC), O. Wolfson (UIC), J. Yuan (Boeing), and M. Zemankova (NSF)
Available in: PDF

Semantic Integration Workshop at the 2nd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC-2003)
AnHai Doan, Alon Halevy, Natalya F. Noy
Available in: PDF

Report from the FirstWorkshop on Geo Sensor Networks
S. Nittel, A. Stefanidis, I. Cruz, M. Egenhofer, D. Goldin, A. Howard, A. Labrinidis, S. Madden, A. Voisard, M.Worboys
Available in: PDF

Report on the 9th International Workshop on Data Base Programming Languages
Georg Lausen and Dan Suciu
Available in: PDF

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