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Volume 31    Number 1    March 2002
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Editor's Notes

Starting in 2002 we will have four regular issues per year instead of three. The first issue of the year features a Special Section on Data Management Issues in Electronic Commerce, guest edited by Asuman Dogac. This section consists of an introduction, by the guest editor, followed by eleven technical papers, spanning a wide variety of topics on electronic commerce, from data integration, XML, personalization, ontology to event notification, negotiation, and B2B integration.

In addition to the Special Section, we have contributions from regular feature sections such as Book Reviews, Distinguished DB Profiles, Database Principles, Industry Perspectives, In uential Papers, Reports, and Career Forum. The Book Reviews section consists of three interesting articles and a short introduction by Karl Aberer, the section editor. The Distinguished Database Profiles section features an interview with Dr. Avi Silberschatz by Marianne Winslett. Avi shared with us his insights on a number of issues of common interest, including Academia versus Industrial Labs, Startup Fever, Database PhD Quality, IP Issues, and Future of Data Mining as a Research Area. The Database Principles section contains an insightful article by Dan Suciu, sharing his expertise and understanding on the XML typechecking problem. The Industry Perspective section presents a contribution by Mike Stonebraker, telling us his experience and predictions on middleware related efforts.

The issue ends with an interesting essay in the Career Forum section, entitled "Why I Like Working in Academia", by Rick Snodgrass. Rick shares with us his twenty years of academic life in a number of episodes, from disadvantages that were anticipated (or not) at the interviewing time, experiences for balancing short-term, medium-term and long-term tasks in research, teaching, and committee services, to his views on tenure, students, and grant application, his passion and belief in academic life. This is the first article of the series solicited by Alex Labrinidis. I believe that the article is very valuable to those who are at the beginning of their academic careers. At the same time, it is very enjoyable reading for veterans in academia and industry.

Finally, I would like to thank the guest editor Asuman Dogac for her high quality special topic section on data management issues in Electronic Commerce. My sincere thanks are also due to the associate editors and the authors for their contributions to this issue. I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as I do.

Ling Liu
January 2002

Last update: February 5, 2002
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