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Volume 29    Number 3    September 2000
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Vice Chair's Message

I am very glad to report that, two years in a row, SIGMOD is the only SIG (among those ACM SIGs with 2000+ membership) with an increased total number of members. There has been a continuous decline over the last decade in SIG membership, and SIGMOD has also been losing members. Last year, we were excited to see the reversal of this trend for SIGMOD, and the increase in membership for the first time in the last thirteen years. This year's increase is even more significant (more than 500!). In addition to SIGMOD Anthology and DiSC which have been very instrumental to boost membership, successful SIGMOD/PODS conferences, new conference registration fee structures that promote new members, and SIGMOD financial support program for undergraduate students to attend the conference, all helped in reversing the trend of decline in membership and resulted in a healthy increase. More than 100 new members joined SIGMOD with the SIGMOD/PODS 2000 conference at Dallas in May. As of May 2000, SIGMOD has 2939 members; it is the fifth largest among all 37 ACM SIG's and is still climbing up (it was the seventh largest last year). Another good sign for strong membership is that SIGMOD has the highest member retention rate between large SIG's (the top ten largest). SIGMOD member retention rate, 69%, is also one of the highest of all ACM SIG's (see the full report at It is very likely that we will see SIGMOD to continue climbing up in the ladder in the list of largest SIG's in the coming years as well.

I also want to mention here that SIGMOD has recently adopted new guidelines for conference approvals emphasizing the quality of the conference, among other requirements such as non-conflicting time and venue with the SIGMOD conference. Conferences with SIGMOD in-cooperation support are also required to have their conference proceedings to be included in SIGMOD DiSC. These guidelines are posted in the SIGMOD web site If you have suggestions, or questions about the membership and conference approval, please contact me.

Meral Özsoyoglu
July, 2000

Last update: August 13, 2000
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