Volume 28    Number 3    September 1999  
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Chair’s Message (also in: Postscript)


Towards Adaptive Workflow Systems (CSCW-98 Workshop Report)
A. Bernstein, C. Dellarocas, M. Klein
Available in: PostscriptPDF and MS Word format
Engineering Federated Information Systems (EFIS ’99 Workshop Report)
S. Conrad, W. Hasselbring, U. Hohenstien, R. Kutsche, M. Roantree, G. Saake, F. Saltor
Available in: Postscript and PDF
Chorochronos: A Research Network for Spatiotemporal Database Systems
The Chorochronos Participants
Available in: gzipped Postscript and PDF


Cost Estimation of User-Defined Methods in Object-Relational Database Systems
J. Boulos, K. Ono
Available in: PostscriptPDF and MS Word format
First-Class Views: A Key to User-Centered Computing
A. Rosenthal, E. Sciore
Available in: PostscriptPDF and MS Word format
On Multi-Resolution Document Transmission in Mobile Web
S. Yau, H. Leong, D. McLeod, A. Si
Available in: Postscript and PDF

Influential Papers

Reminiscences on Infulential Papers – R. Snodgrass ed.
R. Agrawal, P. Bernstein, D. Chamberlin, J. Gray, D. Haderle, W. Kim, B. Lindsay, C. Mohan, R. Morrison, R. Reiter, C. Zaniolo
Available in: Postscript and PDF

Industry Perspectives

Distributed Transactions in Practice
P. Ram, L. Do, P. Drew
Available in: PostscriptPDF and MS Word format

Systems & Prototypes

A Distributed Scientific Data Archive Using the Web, XML and SQL/MED
M. Papiani, J. Wason, A. Dunlop, D. Nicole
Available in: PostscriptPDF and MS Word format
URL: http://www.hpcc.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~turbulence/database

Research Surveys

An Overview and Classification of Mediated Query Systems
R. Domenig, K. Dittrich
Available in: Postscript and PDF

Research Centers

Database Research at the University of Oklahoma
L. Gruenwald, L. Brown, R. Dirckze, S. Guinepain, C. Sanchez, B. Summers, S. Vanichayobon
Available in: PostscriptPDF and MS Word format
URL: http://www.cs.ou.edu/~database/

Calls for Papers

SIGMOD’00 – 2000 ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data
Available in: Postscript
URL: http://www.seas.smu.edu/sigmod2000/
SOSP’99 – 17th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles
Available in: Postscript
URL: http://www.diku.dk/sosp99/
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