Volume 43    Number 2    June 2014  
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Database Principles | Research and Vision Articles | Systems and Prototypes
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Database Principles

Declarative Networking: Recent Theoretical Work on Coordination, Correctness, and Declarative Semantics
Tom J. Ameloot
Available in: PDF

Research and Vision Articles

Public Data and Visualizations: How are Many Eyes and Tableau Public Used for Collaborative Analytics?
Kristi Morton, Magdalena Balazinska, Dan Grossman, Robert Kosara, and Jock Mackinlay
Available in: PDF
ENORM: An Essential Notation for Object-Relational Mapping
Alexandre Torres, Renata Galante, and Marcelo Pimenta
Available in: PDF
Locating Valid SLCAs for XML Keyword Search with NOT Semantics
Rung-Ren Lin, Ya-Hui Chang, and Kun-Mao Chao
Available in: PDF

Systems and Prototypes

Medusa: A Parallel Graph Processing System on Graphics Processors – A. Simitsis ed.
Jianlong Zhong and Bingsheng He
Available in: PDF

Research Centers

The IBM Research Accelerated Discovery Lab
Laura Haas, Melissa Cefkin, Cheryl Kieliszewski, Wil Plouffe, and Mary Roth
Available in: PDF


Report on the First International Workshop on Exploratory Search in Databases and the Web (ExploreDB 2014)
Georgia Koutrika, Laks V.S. Lakshmanan, Mirek Riedewald, and Kostas Stefanidis
Available in: PDF
URL: https://sites.google.com/site/exploredb2014/
Report on the Sixth International Workshop on Cloud Data Management (CloudDB 2014)
Shuai Ma, Xiaofeng Meng, and Fusheng Wang
Available in: PDF
URL: https://sites.google.com/site/clouddb2014/
Report on the First Workshop on Linking and Contextualizing Publications and Datasets
Paolo Manghi, Lukasz Bolikowski, Nikos Houssos, and Jochen Schirrwagen
Available in: PDF
URL: http://lcpd2013.research-infrastructures.eu
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