Volume 43    Number 1    March 2014  
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Database Principles

Graph Stream Algorithms : A Survey
Andrew McGregor
Available in: PDF

Research and Vision Articles

A System for Energy-Efficient Data Management
Yi-Cheng Tu, Xiaorui Wang, Bo Zeng, and Zichen Xu
Available in: PDF
The Linked Data Benchmark Council: a Graph and RDF industry benchmarking effort
Renzo Angles, Peter Boncz, Josep Larriba-Pey, Irini Fundulaki, Thomas Neumann, Orri Erling, Peter Neubauer, Norbert Martinez-Bazan, Venelin Kotsev, and Ioan Toma
Available in: PDF

Systems and Prototypes

MITRA: Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Middleware for Transaction Processing on Replicated Databases
Aldelir Fernando Luiz, Lau Cheuk Lung, and Miguel Correia
Available in: PDF

Research Centers

The Database Group at the University of Washington
Magdalena Balazinska, Bill Howe, and Dan Suciu
Available in: PDF
URL: http://db.cs.washington.edu/

Open Forum

A Call for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers
Michael Pawlish, Aparna S. Varde, Stefan A. Robila, and Anand Ranganathan
Available in: PDF
Opportunistic Data Services in Least Developed Countries: Benefits, Challenges and Feasibility Issues
Nicolas Anciaux, Luc Bouganim, Thierry Delot, Sergio Ilarri, Leila Kloul, Nathalie Mitton, and Philippe Pucheral
Available in: PDF


State-of-the-art in String Similarity Search and Join
Sebastian Wandelt, Dong Deng, Stefan Gerdjikov, Shashwat Mishra, Petar Mitankin, Manish Patil, Enrico Siragusa, Alexander Tiskin, Wei Wang, Jiaying Wang, and Ulf Leser
Available in: PDF
URL: http://www2.informatik.hu-berlin.de/~wandelt/searchjoincompetition2013/
Report on the Second International Workshop on Cloud Intelligence (Cloud-I 2013)
Jerome Darmont and Torben Bach Pedersen
Available in: PDF
URL: http://eric.univ-lyon2.fr/cloud-i/
The 1th International Workshop on Bringing the Value of “Big Data” to Users (DATA4U)
Available in: PDF
URL: https://sites.google.com/site/data4u2014/
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