Volume 42    Number 3    September 2013  
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Database Principles

Skyline Queries, Front and Back
Jan Chomicki, Paolo Ciaccia and Niccolo’ Meneghetti
Available in: PDF

Research and Vision Articles

Towards Mega-Modeling: A Walk through Data Analysis
Stefano Ceri, Emanuele Della Valle, Johann-Christoph Freytag, Themis Palpanas, Dino Pedreschi and Roberto Trasarti
Available in: PDF
Web Table Taxonomy and Formalization
Larissa R. Lautert, Marcelo M. Scheidt and Carina F. Dorneles
Available in: PDF
XQuery 3.0 is Nearing Completion
Andrew Eisenberg
Available in: PDF

Systems and Prototypes

PAIRSE: A Privacy-Preserving Service-Oriented Data Integration System
Djamal Benslimane, Mahmoud Barhamgi, Frederic Cuppens, Franck Morvan, Bruno Defude and Ebrahim Nageba
Available in: PDF
Medical Data Management in the SYSEO Project
Yahia Chabane, Laurent d’Orazio, Le Gruenwald, Baraa Mohamad and Christophe Rey
Available in: PDF

Andreas Reuter Speaks Out

Andreas Reuter Speaks Out
Available in: PDF
URL: http://www.h-its.org/english/homes/reuter

Research Centers

Data Centric Research at the University of Queensland
Available in: PDF


Report on the 6h International Workshop on Business Intelligence for the Real Time Enterprise
Malu Castellanos, Umeshwar Dayal and Elke Rundensteiner
Available in: PDF
URL: http://birte2012.cs.wpi.edu/
Databases, Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management : Exploring Paths and Crossing Bridges
Mouna Kacimi, Fabian M. Suchanek and Aparna Varde
Available in: PDF
URL: http://www.mpi-inf.mpg.de/PIKM2012/
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