Volume 41    Number 4    December 2012  
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Database Principles

Querying Semantic Data on the Web
Marcelo Arenas, Claudio Gutierrez, Daniel P. Miranker, Jorge Pérez and Juan F. Sequeda
Available in: PDF


Introducing an Annotated Bibliography on Temporal and Evolution Aspects in the Semantic Web
Fabio Grandi
Available in: PDF

Systems and Prototypes

An Overview of the Deco System: Data Model and Query Language; Query Processing and Optimization
Hyunjung Park, Richard Pang, Aditya Parameswaran, Hector Garcia-Molina,
Neoklis Polyzotis and Jennifer Widom
Available in: PDF

Distinguished Database Profiles

Daniel Abadi Speaks Out
Available in: PDF
URL: http://cs-www.cs.yale.edu/homes/dna/

Research Centers

The Data Analytics Group at the Qatar Computing Research Institute
Available in: PDF
URL: http://www.da.qcri.qa/
Daisy: The Center for Data-Intensive Systems at Aalborg University
Available in: PDF
URL: http://www.daisy.aau.dk/

Open Forum

On the Equivalence of PLSI and Projected Clustering
Charu C. Aggarwal
Available in: PDF
Challenges and Communities of Medical Informatics Research
Vangelis Hristidis
Available in: PDF


10th International Workshop on Quality in Databases (QDB 2012)
Xin Luna Dong and Eduard Constantin Dragut
Available in: PDF
URL: www.cyber.purdue.edu/qdb2012
Report from the first workshop on Scalable Workflow Enactment Engines and Technology (SWEET’12)
Jan Hidders, Jacek Sroka and Paolo Missier
Available in: PDF
XLDB Asia 2012: the First Extremely Large Database Conference at Asia
Xiaofeng Meng and Fusheng Wang
Available in: PDF
URL: http://xldb-asia.org


The New Heidelberg Forum for Computer Science and Mathematics
Available in: PDF
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