Volume 41    Number 1    March 2012  
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Optimizing XML Twig Queries with Full-Text Predicates
Ya-Hui Chang
Available in: PDF


Quality-aware Service-Oriented Data Integration: Requirements, State of the Art and Open Challenges
Schahram Dustdar, Reinhard Pichler, Vadim Savenkov and Hong-Linh Truong
Available in: PDF
A Survey of View Selection Methods
Imene Mami and Zohra Bellahsene
Available in: PDF

Distinguished Database Profiles

David Lomet Speaks Out
Available in: PDF
URL: http://research.microsoft.com/~/lomet/
Catriel Beeri Speaks Out
Available in: PDF
URL: http://www.cs.huji.ac.il/~beeri/

Database Principles

Query Languages for Graph Databases
Peter T. Wood
Available in: PDF

Research Centers

Institute for the Management of Information Systems Athena Research Center
Available in: PDF
URL: http://www.imis.athena-innovation.gr

Industrial Perspectives

What’s new in SQL:2011
Fred Zemke
Available in: PDF

Open Forum

The Curriculum Forecast for Portland: Cloudy with a Chance of Data
Michael Grossniklaus and David Maier
Available in: PDF
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