Rada Chirkova, North Carolina State University

Department of Computer Science

3320 Engineering Building II

890 Oval Drive

Raleigh, NC 27606

record [at] sigmod [dot] acm [dot] org, rychirko [at] ncsu [dot] edu

Associate Editors:

 Azza Abouzied

Azza AbouziedNYU Abu Dhabi

aa175 [at] nyu [dot] edu (Research and Vision columns)


Lyublena AntovaDatometry

lublena [at] antova [dot] rocks (Industry Perspectives and Reports)


Marcelo Arenas, Catholic University & IMFD Chile

marenas [at] ing [dot] puc [dot] cl (Research Highlights)


Renata Borovica-Gajic, The University of Melbourne

renata [dot] borovica [at] unimelb [dot] edu [dot] au (Surveys)


Vanessa BraganholoUniversidade Federal Fluminense

vanessa [at] ic [dot] uff [dot] br (Distinguished DB Profiles)

  Aaron J. Elmore

Aaron J. Elmore,  University of Chicago

aelmore [at] cs [dot] uchicago [dot] edu (Research and Vision columns)

   Wim Martens

Wim MartensUniversity of Bayreuth

wim [dot] martens [at] uni-bayreuth [dot] de (Research Highlights)

   Kyriakos Mouratidis

Kyriakos MouratidisSingapore Management University

kyriakos [at] smu [dot] edu [dot] sg (Research Centers)

   Dan Olteanu

Dan OlteanuUniversity of Zurich

dan [dot] olteanu [at] uzh [dot] ch (Database Principles columns)

   Divesh Srivastava

Divesh SrivastavaAT&T Labs Research

divesh [at] research [dot] att [dot] com (Research Highlights)

   Pınar Tözün

Pınar TözünIT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

pito [at] itu [dot] dk (Reminiscences on influential papers)

   Immanuel Trummer

Immanuel TrummerCornell University

it224 [at] cornell [dot] edu (Research columns)

  Yannis Velegrakis

Yannis Velegrakis,  Utrecht University

i [dot] velegrakis [at] uu [dot] nl (Systems and Prototypes)


Marianne WinslettUniversity of Illinois

winslett [at] illinois [dot] edu (Distinguished DB Profiles)


Jun YangDuke University

junyang [at] cs [dot] duke [dot] edu (Vision column and Research Highlights)

Information Director:    

Sourav S Bhowmick
Nanyang Technological University

assourav [at] ntu [dot] edu [dot] sg

Past Editors:            

Yanlei Diao (2015-2019)  


Ioana Manolescu (2010-2014)  


Alexandros Labrinidis (2008-2009)  


Mario Nascimento (2005-2007)  


Ling Liu (2001-2004)


Michael Franklin (1997-2000)


Jennifer Widom (1995-1996)


Arie Segev (1989-1995)


Margaret H. Dunham (1986-1988)


Jon D. Clark (1984-1985)


Thomas J. Cook (1981-1983)


Randall Rustin (1975)


Daniel O’Connell (1971-1973)


Harrison R. Morse (1969)



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